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Activity Report

The president and the participants.
The president of Central Police University(CPU) Chen Che-wen led the vice president Su and secretary general Huo to gre... 2021-03-18
Chen Che-wen, New President’s Inauguration at Central Police University
The Central Police University (CPU) held the handover ceremony of the president on January 15 morning. Under the supervi... 2021-02-26
CPU 2020 first semester University Assembly Came to a Satisfactory Close
CPU 2020 first semester University Assembly was held on December 18, 2020, and presided over by President Li Wen-ming. ... 2021-01-14
2020 Annual Sports Day of Central Police University
CPU’s 39th Sports Day was held on the afternoon of November 19th, 2020, to November 20th, 2020. The opening ceremony was... 2020-12-25
Successful Conclusion of the 2020 University Affairs Development Council of Central Police University
The 2020 University Affairs Development Council of Central Police University (CPU) was held on November 11, 2020, and ... 2020-12-22
CPU Students Work As Research Assistants Under Business Insurance Protection Coverage
Students in colleges and universities who work as teachers' research assistants may face hazardous disasters during the... 2020-12-15
Laboratory Safety Training Course
According to Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules proclaimed by the Ministry of Labor, schools sh... 2020-12-01
Heritage Night-
To welcome the master graduate students of class 109, four-year undergraduate of class 891 and two-year undergraduate of... 2020-11-04
Preparatory Education for CPU's Freshmen in 2020
From August 12, 2020, 366 freshmen from the four-year program, two-year program, and master's program had to participat... 2020-10-15
Department of Fire Science Internship
2020 CPU Student Summer Internships starts from July 1 to July 30. On July 1. Directors accompanied both graduate and un... 2020-09-30
CPU’s Graduates Went to Cheng Kung Ling to Complete Substitute Service Training.
Graduates of the Central Police University (CPU) and the Taiwan Police Academy (TPA) are required by law to receive... 2020-08-31
Police Heroes Memorial website–Unforgettable brothers
They've made ultimate sacrifice, dying in the line of duty against terrorism and criminality. We will never forget thes... 2020-08-05