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The main objectives are to actively coordinate the departments and administrative units, to supervise the process of documentation, and to promote the efficiency of the work with which the secretariat is in charge of.
The mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is to lead and coordinate the thirteen departments and graduate schools to sustain excellence in educational administration.
To strengthen and nurture a sense of professional ethics among students by sponsoring various instructive activities. We also put emphasis on our school motto "Honesty."
The Department of General Affairs is divided into two sections, the General Affairs Section and the Cashier Section.
The Personnel Office is the advisory unit which provides full personnel and human resource services to all the faculty and staff.
Duties :
1. Preparing annual budget ( Estimates )
2. Allotment and modifying of budget
The office has been engaged in the following areas:
1. Providing services to all alumni
2. Providing CPU information to the public
The library services are acquisition, circulation, reference, interlibrary loan, and information network inquiry.
The objective of the Infirmary is to build a healthy environment at our school, and to provide quick, convenient, professional and efficient medical care for the faculty, staff as well as students of our campus.
The objective of the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) is to provide a well-equipped laboratory in a safe environment for better education, research work, and experiments at Central Police University (CPU).
1. Advanced education
2. Specialization education
3. Extended education
1. Developing the administrative management system
2. Supporting teaching, in the assistance of the teaching faculty and administrative staff so that personnel may correctly utilize the Office Automation Systems.
The mission of Student Corps includes life education, leadership education, ethics education, military training education, extracurricular activities counseling, campus security, and student safety.