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The Aim of Education

publish date : 2009-10-19

The establishment of Central Police University is based on the following principles: To contribute to the country; to benefit our society; to render services to the public; to follow the spirit of ethics, democracy and science; to regard "Honesty" as our school motto and to consider "Practice" to be our school tradition; to cultivate outstanding police cadres with skills and a sense of ethics and versed in literature and police affairs so that they will serve our country well

Educational System and Missions

This university is the highest learning institute for police education in our country, and operates under the Ministry of the Interior, with supervision by the Ministry of Education. As a result, the education of this university must not only meet the requirements of college education but also the special demands of cadre education. Concretely speaking, the main missions of this university are:
to study advanced police academic subjects and to cultivate special police personnel.

Educational Concepts and Principles

In view of the aim of our police education, this university puts special emphasis on professional education, general education and personality education and balanced human development. According to our educational guidelines, this university stresses:

  • Equalization on personal character and academic research
  • Balance on general and special education
  • Combination of both theories and practice
  • Matching of academic studies and police skills
  • Implementation of strict discipline and diligent teaching
  • Caring for both research and development
  • Coordination of administrative work and teaching
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