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publish date : 2009-10-19

1.          Objectives:

        This university is trying to elevate its competitive ability so that in the near future, Central Police University will become an outstanding university and be ranked among the fist-rate universities.


2.          Principles for Development:

          ●To guide the school development with outstanding ideas

          ●To plan the school future with visionary insight

          ●To construct the school plan with a macroscopic view

          ●To handle school problems with a pragmatic attitude

          ●To implement school plans with collective strength

          ●To conduct school changes with the idea of effectiveness



3.          Directions for Development:

          ●To fully understand the responsibility and importance of educating students

          ●To value the unity and use of educational resources

          ●To emphasize the balance and competition of each department and graduate school

          ●To assure the function and achievement of teaching and counseling

          ●To encourage innovation and discovery in academic research

          ●To pursue excellence and effectiveness in the implementation of school plans


4.          Methods for Development:

        To construct the teaching system so as to perfect a complete school system; to establish research centers so as to enhance academic research; to employ more qualified good faculty members to improve teaching quality; to strengthen general courses in humanity, science and sociology so as to balance development in academic education, personality education, physical education, military education and on the job training; to conduct extension education so as to satisfy the needs of society; to improve the construction on campus so as to enhance teaching environment; to boost working morale so as to elevate effectiveness in administration

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