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World Police Museum Receives Model Donation of the Hsinchu Vessel from Coast Guard Administration, Ocean Affairs Council

publish date : 2024-03-01
On January 2, 2024, Deputy Director De-Cheng Liao of the Coast Guard Administration (CGA), Ocean Affairs Council (OAC), expressed his appreciation for the Central Police University's (CPU) longstanding role in training essential personnel for maritime law enforcement. Facilitated by former CGA Deputy Director-General Zheng-Zhang Xiong, a donation ceremony was held where President Yuan-ming Yang accepted a model of the "Hsinchu Vessel." This donation will enhance the collection of the World Police Museum.

The Coast Guard Administration (CGA) under the Ocean Affairs Council (OAC) has been actively expanding its fleet in recent years to strengthen Taiwan's capabilities in maritime law enforcement, fishery protection, and search and rescue operations. A prime example of this expansion is the domestically built, 400-ton "Hsinchu vessel," currently the largest vessel in the Fleet Branch. Commissioned in March 2022, the "Hsinchu vessel" joined the Northern Mobile Unit of the Fleet Division, undertaking patrol and rescue missions. Equipped with field hospital-grade medical facilities, the vessel can function as a medical aid platform during operations. Additionally, a helipad deck provides ample space for helicopters, including Airborne Service Black Hawks and Navy anti-submarine helicopters, to land. This versatility allows the "Hsinchu vessel" to serve in a multifaceted role, encompassing maritime security maintenance, law enforcement, and complex rescue operations.

For a considerable period, the Central Police University (CPU) has been entrusted by the Coast Guard Administration (CGA) to establish the "Department of Maritime Police," serving as a nurturing ground for key personnel in maritime law enforcement for the agency. The donation ceremony for the model of the 'Hsinchu Vessel' not only carries profound symbolism but also signifies the robust and enduring cooperation between the CPU and CGA. The CPU will house this valuable ship model in the "Coast Guard Section" of the World Police Museum, thereby not only showcasing the CGA's recent administrative achievements but also enriching the museum's collection and sharing it with visiting dignitaries.
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