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Central Police University Built a Safe and Comfortable Dorm Environment for Students by Improving the Seismic Performance

publish date : 2024-02-05
Central Police University (CPU) has started a series of construction projects to improve the seismic performance of aging buildings since 2018, according to the regulation "Seismic Code Evaluation and Improvement of Buildings” promulgated by Executive Yuan. After evaluating the seismic code of Teaching Building and nine other aging buildings, CPU proposed to reinforce the seismic performance of these aging buildings, which were all endorsed by the Central Government.

The seismic performance construction of the Ching-Ying Building (CPU student dorm) was started in February 2023 with a budget of 79 million and 921 thousand (NTD). The seismic performance of the buildings was enhanced by the construction of the column extension and the foundation reinforcement. During the construction period, to maintain the students’ boarding needs while ensuring the quality of the construction and safety simultaneously, the construction was carried out in different zoning rotation to reduce disturbance.

To improve campus living environment, the constructed rooms were renovated from sextuple rooms into quadruple rooms, including all the furniture such as beds, bookshelves, desks, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, office chairs, and windows. The construction also included waterproof and leak-proof rooftop, restoration of water damage on the walls, and wall repainting.

Moreover, the construction also improved the aging facilities and poor ventilation of the bathrooms by adding exhaust fans and air curtains, renewing sinks and wall tiles, and upgrading the power supply system. The renovation not only deodorized and renewed the bathrooms but also avoided interrupting the students’ daily routines.

The seismic performance reinforcement of the Ching-Ying Building ensured the students’ living safety and was completed at the end of 2023.
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