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The Central Police University and the University of Houston-Downtown signed a Memorandum of Understanding—solidifying an 18-year sisterhood and highlighting their educational synergy.

publish date : 2024-01-10
To deepen academic exchanges between Taiwan and the United States and expand relations with Houston's law enforcement, the Central Police University (CPU) signed an MOU with the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) on December 19, 2023. The collaboration, established for the second time after 18 years, aims to showcase the educational impact and strengthen ties between the two institutions.

After UHD President Dr. Loren J. Blanchard signed this MOU, Professor Hsiao-Ming Wang, the head of their Bayou Connection Program, represented UHD and accompanied the delegation to Central Police University. President Yuan-Ming Yang signed the MOU to finalize the agreement. President Yang noted that Professor Wang had previously served as a visiting professor at CPU in 2006, and other CPU faculty members, such as former Dean Chang, have engaged in exchanges as visiting professors or scholars at UHD. Additionally, there are UHD alumni currently employed at CPU, contributing to teaching and research. Apart from continual interaction among faculty members, CPU has been sending student study tours to UHD since 2006, totaling 17 sessions to date, showcasing the frequent and fruitful exchanges between the two institutions.

The Bayou Connection Program was established in 2002 to foster academic and cultural exchanges between Taiwan and the United States, as mentioned by Professor Wang. Through this program, UHD and the Central Police University have established cooperation agreements, collaborating on substantive academic exchanges like scholar exchanges, student visits, and collaborative research. The Program has been instrumental in fostering beneficial academic exchanges in the field of policing between Taiwan and the United States.

President Yang presented a flag to the study tour for the academic year of 2024 following the signing ceremony and entrusted them with the task of reinforcing the sisterhood bond. The objective of this mission is to enhance academic and cultural exchanges between the two institutions. President Yang also encouraged students to enhance their academic perspectives and international outlook through workshops and visits, contributing to the advancement of academic policing.
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