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CPU 87th Anniversary : Government fully supports police education and cultivates outstanding law enforcers.

publish date : 2023-10-05
Mr. Tang-an Wu, Administrative Vice Minister of Ministry of the Interior, attended the Central Police University (CPU) 87th Anniversary Opening Ceremony and also awarded 7 alumni for the 20th Outstanding Alumni Award on September 1st. Administrative Vice Minister has great hopes for all the students to become law enforcers who are democratic, law-orientated, and professional so as to make the most effort to protect social order and to be the supporting force of the citizens.

Administrative Vice MInister Tang-an Wu indicated that the government provides full support from all aspects such as budget, legal system, and policy, to take care of the police. They took measures such as increased police attendance and increased hazard duty bonus for firefighters, maritime patrols, and immigration personnels; strengthened fire safety management, amended the "Fire Services Act", passed the "Fire Protection Equipment Personnel Act", and actively purchased various new police equipment to enhance their safety on duty.

Administrative Vice Minister Wu also indicated that a budget of NT$390 million for the "Project in Enhancing Teaching Capacity Plan in Response to New Crime Patterns" which was actively strived by Minister of the Interior Lin Yu-chang was approved by the Executive Yuan on August 17th, 2023. The budget will be mainly used to strengthen CPU’s capacity of criminal investigation teaching and forensic research, and to help purchase more XR situation simulation systems to improve the effectiveness of practical shooting applications. It was also used to increase student meal expenses starting from May this year. All the above are the practical actions taken by the Ministry of the Interior to support the education of CPU in various aspects. We hope that all teachers and students can work and study at ease and cultivate high-quality security cadres for the country.

At the end, Administrative Vice Minister Tang-an Wu gave appreciation to CPU for its efforts in improving the education of police officers. He also encouraged all CPU teachers and students to uphold the educational spirit of the alma mater, inherit the glorious traditions laid by previous alumni, and build on the past achievements and forge ahead into the future to create another peak for the Central Police University.
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