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The Central Police University 2022 Annual Sports Day: Pursuing Excellence!

publish date : 2022-12-26
On November 18th, 2022, the Central Police University held its 41st Sports Day opening ceremony, which was hosted by Mr. Tsung-yen Chen, the Deputy Minister of the Interior. The ceremony featured students dressed in costumes and creatively entering the field to begin the annual sports day festivities.

Deputy Minister Chen highlighted the discipline and strong spirit of the students at the Central Police University's 86th Anniversary celebration. He praised the University for producing excellent law enforcement professionals who contribute to the safety of society. At the sports day event, he observed the students' energetic attitude and determination to excel and outperform their peers and teams.

"Despite being a small university with approximately 1000 police cadets, the Central Police University has achieved exceptional results in national competitions. For instance, at the National Intercollegiate Athletic Games, the university not only won 6 gold medals, 2 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals, but also set 3 school records. In addition, the university's students have received numerous individual and team gold medals in various national competitions for police skills such as Judo, Shuai Jiao, and Shooting. These impressive accomplishments are the result of solid training at the university and serve as memorable proof of the students' courage and perseverance during their time there."

In conclusion, Deputy Minister Chen emphasized the importance of not only having professional knowledge, but also maintaining strong physical fitness for the students of the Central Police University. He believes that the annual sports day can raise awareness of the importance of exercise, establish good exercise habits, and produce law enforcement personnel who are both physically and morally strong and able to serve society with their skills and dedication to security.
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