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2022 Heritage Night "Voyage to the Cosmopolice" : A Journey of Self-Discovery

publish date : 2022-11-18
On September 27th, 2022, the Central Police University (CPU) hosted its annual Heritage Night event, with the theme "Voyage to the Cosmopolice." The event was organized by the CPU Department of Student Affairs, the Student Corps, and the 46th Students' Association. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attendees were required to follow safety protocols such as temperature checks, COVID-19 testing, and hand sanitization before entering the venue. Masks were also mandatory for all participants. Despite the pandemic-related challenges, the Students' Association made sure to put on a memorable Heritage Night experience for the first-year students.

"Heritage Night" was an annual evening party held by the Central Police University (CPU) to welcome its freshman class. The theme of this year's party was "Voyage to the Cosmopolice," which referred to the journey of the little prince as he searches for the true destination of his soul in the vast universe. This theme was chosen to symbolize the transformation that first-year students at CPU undergo during their boot camp training, as they discover their inner aspirations and become shining stars. Life at CPU is different from that at a typical university, as students are trained to become future law enforcement officers.

CPU President Chen Che-Wen welcomed the incoming class of freshman students, including master's degree students in Class 111, two-year undergraduate students in Class 892, and four-year undergraduate students in Class 911, to the Central Police University. He encouraged them to make the most of their time at CPU and to strive to become competent law enforcement agents with a strong academic and moral foundation. He reminded them that, regardless of the length of their program, they are now all members of the CPU community and should work to enrich themselves and achieve their dreams.

The Heritage Night performance at the Central Police University (CPU) provided a platform for senior students to showcase their talents and helped to strengthen relationships among them through the sharing of common interests. The event featured a range of impressive performances by clubs and academic teams, showcasing the CPU's commitment to combining civilian and military values. Heritage Night was a valuable opportunity for the university to convey its core values and perseverance to the incoming class of students, and it is expected that these students will carry the spirit of the CPU forward and preserve it for future generations.
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