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Cultivating Excellent Law Enforcement Officers: Preparatory Education for CPU's Freshmen in 2020

Preparatory Education for CPU's Freshmen in 2020
366 freshmen from the four-year program, two-year program.
From August 12, 2020, 366 freshmen from the four-year program, two-year program, and master's program had to participate in the preparatory training for 8-15 days, which lay the most important foundation for future education in CPU. It would help them adapt to school life as soon as possible, understand the campus environment, firm up the will to serve as a police officer, and identify with the future law enforcement work. For the freshmen who have just entered CPU, it is a significant transformation process.

Recently, the global epidemic of "COVID-19" is rising again. To prevent the outbreak, Central Police University, with the highest standard of epidemic prevention, has updated the measures according to the requirements of the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and Ministry of Education. And to ensure the health condition of the teachers and students who participate in the preparatory education and training, CPU has formulated a strict epidemic prevention plan for COVID-19 and other infectious diseases (such as influenza and enterovirus), planned and handled the relevant matters carefully in advance. In addition to general environmental disinfection and health education advocacy for students, there are also other preventive measures in daily routines and basic essentials military skills to minimize the risk of infection.

At the beginning of the orientation, the freshmen were inexperienced in many ways, and they had an uneasiness expression of coming to a strange environment on their faces. As each day passes, they have become stronger and tougher in mind and body. More importantly, they have learned to work as a team with love and sincerity. Central Police University is a task-based University, which is responsible for cultivating excellent law enforcement officers in Taiwan. It shoulders the expectation of society and the trust of parents. On August 26, 2020, this army of brilliant students passed the assessment of preparatory education. It is believed that they will become outstanding law enforcement officers, who are equipped with skills and morality, integration of civil and military, and meet the needs of modern society in the future.
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