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Police Heroes Memorial website–Unforgettable brothers

They've made ultimate sacrifice, dying in the line of duty against terrorism and criminality. We will never forget these fallen police heroes.

Police Heroes Memorial website is dedicated to remembering our fallen police heroes. "Heroes spirit never die," it allows family and friends to honor fallen heroes online so as to express their sadness and appreciation. Until today, one hundred and sixty fallen police heroes, including the 25-year-old railway police officer Lee Cheng-Han, killed in train incident 2019, are remembered by their beloved ones and the public. More than 282817 visit count to the website is recoreded. Special thanks to the National Police Agency of Ministry of the interior for its long-term cooperation of providing information.

The previous version of "Police Heroes Memorial Website" has to be updated due to the out-of-date system. The latest version of "Police Heroes Memorial Page–Unforgettable brothers" is constructed based on the responsive web design (RWD) mode. The new system fits browsers using desktop, tablet and smartphone. Users could send their respects online by one click on floral, music or article options. The website are fully updated and activated on June 12, 2020. Anyone could access the website and send their respects to fallen heroes. Furthermore, this is also to encourage duty officer strengthen in both physical and intelligence so that would ensure safety on duty.

( Police Heroes Memorial Website )

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