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The Inauguration Ceremony of CPU Non-profit Preschool! School cares, Parents rest assured, Children have fun!

publish date : 2022-12-20
The inauguration ceremony of preschool was held at Central Police University (CPU) Platform at 10 a.m. on November 14th, 2022. CPU Chief Secretary Chun-Heng Huo, accompanied by Director of General Affairs, Liang-Hsin Hung, Director of Personnel Office, Huang-Bin Zheng, Preschool Chairman, I-Chun Chao, and Preschool Principal, Ya-Chu Chan. Other supervisors and faculties also joined the ceremony together to witness the achievement of edu-care services CPU made during the ceremony countdown.

In order to respond to national policies proposed by President Tsai and Executive Yuan, CPU Non-profit Preschool would uphold the philosophy of growing up heartwarmingly, sharing resources, flourishing community, and diverse studying after the official operation on November 11th, 2022; and follow four guiding principles of “school cares, juridical person concerns, parents rest assured, and children have fun”, so as to provide budget, high-quality, safe, and happy learning environment for children. Through the “Waldorf Education”, children would grow up in exploring the unknown by staying close to nature, self-researching, and hands-on game playing to enhance children’s motivation and strength their confidence and creativity in learning.

Thanks to the efforts CPU faculty made and the assistance they gave for a smooth and successful inauguration ceremony at the CPU non-profit preschool. Hope these masters of our country in the future can bring CPU different youthfulness and enthusiasm. What’s more, the establishment of preschool not only built “cheaper, higher quality, less burden” environment for CPU faculty’s children, but also realized the education vision of early childhood.
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