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The President visited the Faculty and Staff on the First Working after Winter Break to Express New Year’s Greeting

The president and the participants. (1)
The president and the participants. (2)
The president of Central Police University(CPU) Chen Che-wen led the vice president Su and secretary general Huo to greet faculty and staff and to give “red envelopes” on the first day after the spring festival for celebrating Lunar New Year and boosting morale.

The visiting route started from the Administrative Li-Hsing Building, went along the Research Building, the Science Building, the Investigative and Forensic Technology Building. Then the group entered the Ching-Kuang Building, the Chih-Chen Building, the World Police Museum, the Science Building, the Ching-Ying Building, and the Information Building. There were around 266 faculty and staff members participating in the activity which lasted about an hour. Every office also made the slogan boards to make the activity more plentiful.

Thanks CPU Alumni Association for the funding support, every participant receives a NTD 200 red envelope. The red envelope is meant to bring a full appreciation and to wish everyone good fortune.

To implement the government's policy related to epidemic prevention, participants are required to wear surgical facial masks in order to eliminate any possibility of infection.
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